Who we are

KS Agency is an integrated marketing agency based in Soho and Brighton. If you'd like to grow your brand through creativity then we'd love to hear from you.


To discover the best solution, we have to dissect and explore the problem. This means getting to know a clients business, and familiarising ourselves with their market and competitors. From here we plan a sure fast strategy for success.

Creative exploration

With a solid strategy in place our studio starts, it's creative thinking. We'll explore different concepts until a creative direction is agreed with you.


Once a creative style and solution has been decided our designers can begin to craft the project using one or a mix of different methods. 


We work with you to ensure every detail of your campaign, site or design is created exactly as it should be. We tweak, amend, refine and polish with you until our creation is ready to release to the world. We believe a great concept is only as good as it’s final execution so work with you to ensure the best results.

Support & Service

Post launch of any of creative project we stay with you to ensure the work is producing the required results. Service is important to us so making sure you are happy with the execution and how it develops with your customers is important to us.